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Join the bubble revolution

Bolé Media Kit

Bolé is an inebriating draught of adventure, courage, and throwing off the traces! Just let yourself be infected by the infectious energy!

You can find here all the information and materials you need to enter our world and join the bubble revolution.

Dive right into a new story

What there is to learn about Bolé

The sheer power of teamwork together, the electrical current of a shared vision, the supportive courage of creating and building something that IS NOT the usual hum-drum.  

Bolé transforms these values into an alternative sparkling wine, one with a contemporary face, come-hither taste, and a seductive story, narrated in two styles, in the all-Trebbiano white sparkler, Bolé Blue, and Bolé Rosé, the 100% Sangiovese rosé

Viticultural Romagna’s twin stars put on generous display their partying nature, fun and all-inclusive, in an explosive cascade of bubbles. Join us in the adventure!

Bolé Blue and Bolé Rosé Technical Sheets in English and Italian

Discover the colours and rhythms of Bolé

Media & Graphics

Far more than just a wine, Bolé is a visionary project that conveys the unique values and identity of its growing area, Romagna, capturing, in its scintillating bubbles, the colours, energy, and life-style of those who live there. 

You can find here stylistic and stylish images that can help you express and share our area. The credits and copyrights are given or each image.

Bolé logos
High resolution photos
Videos on YouTube

A glimpse into our world

Bolé Promo Video



A world of bubbles ready to be discovered

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Any reason is good for creating relationships! We’re always here to help you tell our story, to tell you what we’re doing and explain who we are.
Just contact us to receive information or materials or if you want to taste Bolé.  

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