15.12.2022 - Articoli

ON AIR: Radio Bolé. Christmas Edition.

Explore. Experience. Take note. Tastes and tunes. This Christmas, too.

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17.10.2022 -

Bolé in Glasgow, cheers!

Our sparklers are always on the road to new horizons, this time travelling to the far northern climes of the United Kingdom, to Scotland.

Tuesday 30 August wasn’t just a date to jot down on the calendar, just like Scotland was no “ho-hum” new destination.

No, 30 August gave us the opportunity to leave our comfort zone behind and, a bit ironically, talk about a wine that has a lot to do with “getting there (everywhere!).”

Both in terms of taste and of possibilities it opens.

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21.09.2022 -

ON AIR: Radio Bolé. Episode 0

Did you know that those tiny Bolé bubbles actually rise in your glass in tune with music? Plus they have a playlist all their own. And it’s all yours to enjoy.

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15.12.2022 - Articoli

ON AIR: Radio Bolé. Christmas Edition.

Explore. Experience. Take note. Tastes and tunes. This Christmas, too.

17.10.2022 -

Bolé in Glasgow, cheers!

Our sparklers are always on the road to new horizons, this time travelling to the far northern climes of the United Kingdom, to Scotland.

21.09.2022 -

ON AIR: Radio Bolé. Episode 0

Did you know that those tiny Bolé bubbles actually rise in your glass in tune with music? Plus they have a playlist all their own. And it’s all yours to enjoy.

05.01.2022 - Art & Design

By the people, for the people: the consumer

Discover the final character of the world of Bolé

26.11.2021 - Art & Design

By the people, for the people: the restaurateur

We asked Shut Up Claudia to interpret the third protagonist of the Bolé saga

22.11.2021 -

AperiBolé, the Italian sparkling ritual

AperiBolé is the new Italian sparkling ritual: music, friends, food, and a good glass of bubbles!

12.10.2021 - Art & Design

By the people, for the people: the team

A new meetup with bubbly Bolé’s adventuresome journey into the world of the visual arts puts the spotlight on the second illustration by Shut Up Claudia.

02.08.2021 - Art & Design

By the people, for the people: the grapegrower

This year, too, Bolé has uncovered a young talent proficient in the worlds of illustration and of Italian visual arts: Claudia Alexandrino, who goes by the art moniker of Shut Up Claudia.

18.02.2021 -

Astrobolé | Pisces

Bolé’s bountiful bubbles will enliven your enthusiastic relationship with fine food.

20.01.2021 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Acquarius

Bolé’s pin-point bubbles will be your partner on all those convivial occasions when you’ll be trying out your creativity in the kitchen and in the great sea of life. 

21.12.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Capricorn

Bolé’s bubbles have the explosive charge to open those doors and celebrate your success.

23.11.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Sagittarius

Bolé’s bubbles will be your perfect traveling companion on that adventure!

21.11.2020 -

A New Drinking Dimension

Look at our coloured capsule, to see new forms of sharing!

19.10.2020 -

Astrobolé | Scorpio

Bolé’s bubbles will open effervescent horizons of gourmet morsels and intriguing combinations that will nourish that daring soul.

21.09.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Libra

Why not see what you can do with Bolé’s bubbles.

18.09.2020 -

How to Make Sparkling Rosé Wine

Methods and food pairing.

24.08.2020 -

Astrobolé | Virgin

So, pop open Bolé bubbles and toast your own New World! 

06.08.2020 -

Bolé Vibes. The Sound of Sparkle

Bolé’s summertime playlist from Bronson Produzioni.

22.07.2020 -

Astrobolé | Lion

Bolé’s bubbles will light up your night!

25.06.2020 -

Rosé: the roadmap to bubbles without end

The journey of colorful bubbles never stops! Discover where to join it.

22.06.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Cancer

On certain moonlit nights, why not pop a foaming bottle of Bolé?

12.06.2020 -

Pink Explodes! A Bolé Rosé Video Adventure

With the new season comes a New Beginning, and there’s plenty for you to discover, share, and… keep sipping!

04.06.2020 -

Bolé Rosé, the new colour of bubbles

A new star has appeared in the Bolé galaxy! An all-Sangiovese sparkler adds colour and energy to the bubble revolution.

20.05.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Gemini

Bolé’s bubbles can help that innate sense of humour of yours to really shine out and your communicative skills to be at their most expressive.

24.04.2020 - Articles


An exploration of the world of Bolé through an explosion of colours.

23.04.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Taurus

You’re going to find in Bolé bubbles the best path to fun, to enjoying earthly delights, and to
toasting the new!

01.04.2020 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Aries

Bolé bubbles could help you achieve that soothing state that facilitates making long-lasting decisions.

28.03.2020 -

Astrobolé: the zodiac written with tiny bubbles

For the third year in a row, a top-notch young Italian illustrator is the impressive interpreter of our brand spirit, this time in 12 zippy panels. 2020 Ambassador Camilla Falsini embodies the boundless energy of Bolé.

26.02.2020 - Art & Design

Giacomo Bagnara: his vision for Bolé

Bagnara’s optics have perfectly captured the Bolé mood through a series of shimmeringly-illustrated stories.

30.01.2020 - Events

The real UK restaurant scene meets the real Romagna soul

The new ambassadors of the Bubble Revolution on British soil were given a VIP discovery tour of the flavours, colours, and traditions that go to make up the very DNA of Romagna’s sparkling wines. .

21.12.2019 - News


The Sparkling Sound of Xmas!

23.11.2019 - Events

BOLÉBITES: Christmas Edition

Our gastronomic journey to discover Emilia-Romagna continues with new stops for a special edition dedicated to Christmas!

21.11.2019 - News

A Sparkling Christmas with Bolé

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

18.11.2019 - Events

Boléxplosion - London Calling

Bolé has landed in the UK!

On Tuesday 29th October, Bolé’s comet illuminated the London sky, touching down for our very first event with Enotria&coe in the UK.

03.09.2019 - Events


Introducing BOLÉBITES, our new themeatic project for summer 2019...

31.07.2019 - Events

Archived Events

With Bolé as the initiative, we take each moment as an opportunity to broaden our horizons, elevate Romagna, our spiritual home, and collaborate with the adventurous, the curious, and the proud.

31.07.2019 - Events

Boléxplosion- GUARDA CHE LUNA!

Wednesday July 31st, with eyes to the sky, we will meet within the thirty arches of one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.

Boléxplosion - GUARDA CHE LUNA: a party under a roof of stars, illuminated by the moon...

27.07.2019 -

Boléxplosion - Cheers under the Moon!

Oh! What a party! –a star-studded night sky, the moon beaming down, and all dedicated to cascading Romagna bubbles!

01.06.2019 - Events

Beaches Brew 2019

Bolé's must-see festival guide for Beaches Brew Festival 2019 in Marina di Ravenna...

19.05.2019 - News

Bolé Vibes

Bolé is joins forces with Bronson Produzioni to bring you the hottest sounds worth sharing!

Every season we’ll be taking over the airwaves with Spotify playlists dedicated to the curious, the adventurous aficionados who never stop searching for the next inspiring tune...

03.05.2019 - Articles

What is the Martinotti method?

We drink Martinotti method spumantes often, from spritz cocktails, to Prosecco, Asti, Lambrusco and, of course, Bolé. But what is behind this mysterious method? Who invented it? And, most importantly, why is it so popular worldwide?

03.05.2019 - City Guide

CHEERS VERONA: city guide by Bolé

Bolé is back with our third proposal of mini guides encourage us to look at cities with new eyes...

29.03.2019 - City Guide

CHEERS LONDON: city guide by Bolé

Bolé returns with the second edition of our new column of mini city guides: Cheers London!

23.03.2019 - Events

Bolévolution - from the Mediterranean, between memory and futurism

On Tuesday 19th March, almost a year after the launch of Bolé - the first testimonial of Novebolle DOC, we started a new revolution among the bright green of La Fragola de Bosch: Bolévolution, the event dedicated to the best restaurateurs of Romagna...

12.03.2019 - Events

Bolévolution at Vinitaly 2019

Join us at Bolévolution @ Vinitaly
April 7th- 10th
Verona Fiere
Hall 1 - Stand B8

Last year, Bolé turned heads and ignited conversations at Vinitaly with the bubble revolution
This year we’re going intergalactic, from revolution comes evolution.

07.02.2019 - City Guide

CHEERS MILANO: city guide by Bolé

Bolés first City Guide to give like-minded adventurers a taste of Milan’s sparkling side!

04.01.2019 - Articles

Bolé onboard Fragolina!

New year, new horizons. Follow the wind and keep looking out to the distance!

19.12.2018 - Art & Design


Alessandro Cripsta explores the December sky in his new illustration exclusively for Bolé...

10.12.2018 - Articles

How to open a bottle of Sparkling Wine like a Pro

Our top tips for an accident free de-corking, and a perfect pour...

08.12.2018 - News

A Bolé Christmas

Seasons Greetings from Bolé at the most sparkling time of the year...

01.12.2018 - Art & Design

Cripsta, a vision in technicolor

Explosive, like the roar of a comet that crosses a night sky.
Metaphysical, like playful, instinctive three-dimensionality that shines through in every creation...

22.11.2018 - Video

Bolé - a journey through the bubbles

To the visionaries, the curious, and the explorers.
An invitation to discover, to jump headfirst into new adventures and to toast to new horizons...

14.11.2018 - Events

Bolé at Vivite, Milan

Bolé will be at Vivite - Festival del Vino Cooperativo in Milan on the 17th and 18th of November.

“Where wine speaks everybody’s language!”

25.10.2018 - Video

Bolé Summer Mood

Towards outer space, to inspire the visionaries, the brave, and the curious who believe in the energy of discovery and the power of synergy as a vehicle for change.

25.10.2018 - Art & Design


Discover the new illustration by Alessandro Cripsta, exclusively for Bolé...

19.10.2018 - Events

Bolé @ IWA Modena's Charity Gala

Bolé goes to Emilia for a Charity Gala by women, for women!

29.09.2018 - Art & Design


The new illustration by Alessandro Cripsta the beginning of autumn...

18.09.2018 - Events


Explosive Romagna bubbles give off a visionary effervescence to remind us to dream big!

18.09.2018 - Events

Bolé Summer Fest

A joyous summer of events that bought the effervescent energy of Bolé to every corner of Romagna...

27.08.2018 - Events

Boléxplosion - At Salùt, summer

Tuesday 11th September at Hana-bi - WINE + LIVE MUSIC + FOOD + DJs + COCKTAILS...

20.08.2018 - Art & Design


Mid-August reflections, the new illustration by Cripsta exclusively for Bolé...

03.08.2018 - Events

Brigata del Diavolo

La Brigata del Diavolo, The Devil's Brigade, with its 17 chef-ambassadors for the territory that have always given new life to the kitchen...

03.08.2018 - Events

A wedding with a taste Bolé

One vineyard, two visionaries, a marriage, between Romagna and bubbles, and between Valentina and Cesare...

31.07.2018 - News

Visions - shoot preview

A preview some shots of our photoshoot by the inimitable Marco Onofri, to express the vision contained in a sip of Bolé...

26.07.2018 - Art & Design


Cripsta thanks the summer sun with another exclusive Bolé illustration...

13.07.2018 - Events

Sunday Club Maré meets Bolé

Every month this summer Bolé meets Maré in Cesenatico for an evening event...

10.07.2018 - Art & Design


A new enchanting creation by Cripsta, exclusively for Bolé...

02.07.2018 - Art & Design


The new illustration by Cripsta to welcome the month of July...

25.06.2018 - Events

Bolé @ Cena in Bianco

Bolé at the fourth edition of the Cena in Bianco in Forlì...

21.06.2018 - Art & Design


The newest illustration by Alessandro Cripsta on the longest day of the year...

19.06.2018 - Events

acieloaperto 2018

Our Gig Guide for a summer of sublime concerts in Forlì-Cesena...

14.06.2018 - Art & Design


Discover the third illustration by Alessandro Cripsta, exclusively for Bolé...

02.06.2018 - Events

Beaches Brew 2018

Our guide to Beaches Brew festival in Ravenna

25.05.2018 - Art & Design


Discover the second illustration by Alessandro Cripsta exclusively for Bolé...

23.05.2018 - Events

Bolé at Distretto A

Bolé encounters art, expression and freedom in Faenza

17.05.2018 - Art & Design


Bolé reveals its first collaboration with graphic artist Alessandro Cripsta...

14.05.2018 - Events

Un'Altra Romagna

On Monday 7th May, bubbles illuminated new horizons at our event at Teatro Socjale...

07.05.2018 - News

Bolé website launch

We are online!

20.04.2018 - Events

Thank You Vinitaly

Bolé at Vinitaly: an extraordinary debut for the first Novebolle, Romagna DOC Spumante.
Thanks to all those who worked together to make it happen: new bubbles with courage and vision are projected towards the future.

14.04.2018 - Events

Bolé at Vinitaly

Brilliant, unstoppable, involving. Bright bubbles from Romagna illuminate new horizions.
Introducing the new Romagna DOC Spumante that with courage and vision will project towards the future at Vinitaly, in Verona.
Join us to celebrate with a glass of Bolé Pad. 1 - stand D7.

For an event, in distribution, for a gift or simply to get to know us and satisfy your thirst for discovery.
Every reason is good to get involved with Bolé!

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