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Introducing BOLÉBITES, our new themeatic project for summer 2019...

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unforgettable experience


Bolé is the first Novebolle - Romagna DOC Spumante - which makes Romagna sparkling wines the protagonist once more, and does so in style. This Brut, Charmat-method sparkling wine, gives a sensation that is unforgettable, fresh and lively, like the feeling that accompanies a new discovery.

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Romagna doc spumante


Who said that Romagna doesn’t make Spumante? Here in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, sparkling wine was a story with strong roots and international pride. The 'champagne' of Romagna was appreciated for its elegance and quality, a fine and persistent perlage, a class so refined as to be equated with the well-known classical French producers.

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