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01.20.2021 - Art & Design

Astrobolé | Acquarius

ACQUARIUS (῾Υδροχόος, Aquario)

The spotlight, please, on the quintessentially unconventional sign! Whether for good or ill, you are always the main actor. Now you’re opening a year of significant innovations and change, in which you will find the freedom and independence you’ve always longed for. 

Sure, you’ll want to make up for lost time, but first, you have to cut through the ropes of the past that still hold you down. You’re also very unpredictable, and that can lead to recklessness, so act decisively, but don’t veer off the path. 

If you can select your opportunities carefully and with improved understanding, you’re up for great things in this 2021. It will be a very positive year for you and bring clear-cut transformations. And you don’t even need a plan; just be clear with yourself about what you can achieve and what not.

Be selective, concentrate your energies, and don’t waste efforts. You won’t be giving up your dreams, but learning to look at them in a more far-sighted way. And it’s better to be adaptable, not stubborn, to go around obstacles rather than butting your head against them. That’s a strategy useful in any endeavour, whether personal or professional. 

Metaphorically speaking, lightening is going to strike you often, and when you least expect it, but it will bring you exciting intuitions, stimulating revelations, and exceptional ideas.   


Your spotlight is also on Bolé’s pin-point bubbles, which will be your partner on all those convivial occasions when you’ll be talking and discussing, exchanging opinions, trying out your creativity in the kitchen and in the great sea of life. 





Astrobolé: the zodiac written with tiny bubbles

12 intergalactic travellers will rain down upon the earth, each month, in the guise of richly-illustrated stories that will utilise celestial highways to vividly convey the intimate makeup and mineral profile of Bolé.

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