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11.22.2018 - Video

Bolé - a journey through the bubbles

A journey through bubbles

Bolé, unstoppable energy

To the visionaries, the curious, and the explorers.
An invitation to discover, to jump headfirst into new adventures and to toast to new horizons.

Bolé started in Romagna, where the collective desire of daring women and men who live there embrace, explore, and harness its energy.

A journey through the bubbles, passing from the coast to the hills, among the rows of vines and up to the beach promenade.

Bolé takes us to the places that represent the good life - generation after generation brimming with positivity and the desire to do, to get their hands dirty, and to join forces to go even farther.

From day to night, under a bright sun and a sky full of stars, our supernova radiates light, reverberates in time, and represents, both near and far, an irresistible thirst for discovery.

This is our story, this is our wine.
Bolé, unstoppable energy

Credits: Studio KIWI Foto&Video

Thanks to: Trattoria 'Petito, Maré | cucina caffè spiaggia bottega, Enoteca Ca' De Ven, AKÂMÌ Casa&bottega, QuintoQuarto, Hana-Bi, MAMATéRA, Turchi Farm, Sapigni Abbigliamento, Periferica 513, King Size Cesena, Fiori d’incenso

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For an event, in distribution, for a gift or simply to get to know us and satisfy your thirst for discovery.
Every reason is good to get involved with Bolé!

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