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Bolé. from revolution to evolution

Bolé's Intergalactic Events

Bubbles, events, dinners, concerts, and aperitif get-togethers. Then more bubbles, music, great food, and entertainment.

Bolé beckons you to relax, or to get out there and dance, get those hands together, start a revolution together! From events, dinners, concerts, or simply an aperitivo, Bolé is here sing, dance, recline, join hands, and start a revolution.

“Meet up with you later?”.

Get infected!—by that contagious sparkle in your flute!

Drop in on us!

Join the “glad you are here” Bolévolution at Fragola de Bosch agritourism, where a network of interlacing hands will join once again to focus a new and intoxicating spotlight on a fabulous area.      

Over the course of the entire year, a cornucopia of unusual events in the area’s most au currant wine bars and restaurants will bring together and unite all those who are sparkling wine revolutionaries. 

Bolé is a mission, a vision, a challenge, and yes, a party! The pioneer of Novebolle Romagna DOC sparkling wine is out there planting its flag on unexplored shores. It was meant to be your exciting co-discoverer on this adventuresome journey. 


Backwards and forwards in time

Seasons and spaces

The sheer power of teamwork together, the electrical current of a shared vision, the supporting courage of breaking free from the usual hum-drum.  

That means that each moment is a new opportunity to stretch out our horizons, promote our growing area, create new relationships and synergies with those who, like us, long to do new things and are not afraid to step out of the box.   

Together, on each of those occasions, we have toasted, explored, met up, and celebrated.

Little sparks to treasure forever

Archived Events

01/06 - Coco Loco, Marina di Ravenna
03/06 - Beaches Brew 2019, Hana-bi, Marina di Ravenna
06/06 - Bottega Garibaldi, Cervia
09/06 - ’Tra argini e capanni’ - Chef to Chef, Lido di Dante
19/06 - Plaza Blanca a Piazza Nuova, Bagnacavallo
21/06 - aRiva! Bolé @ Chiringuito i Munell, Rimini
22/06 - Al Meni 8 ½ Notte, Battigia Bagno 17, Rimini
23/06 - Al Meni @ DEJEUNER SUR L’HERBE, Giardini del Grand Hotel, Rimini
26/06 - Bolé @ aperi-Suite, Rimini
01/07 - Bolé @ Magnolia food truck at Acquadolce, Cesena
06/07 - Bolé @ Ristorante dalla Dina, Cervia
10/07 - Bolé @ La Cena in Rocca sotto le stelle, Rocca Brancaleone, Ravenna
18/07 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
19/07 - Bolé @ Piadiniamo, Piazza Borghesi, Savignano sul Rubicone
21/07 - Stasera con te @La Rotonda, Lido Adriano
24/07 - Bolé @ Aperi-Suite, i-Suite Hotel, Rimini
25/07 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
31/07 - BOLÉXPLOSION - Guarda che luna!, Arena di Piazza Nuova, Bagnacavallo
01/08 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
06/08 - Bolé @ Sgardella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
08/08 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
09/08 - Bolé @ Talvolta Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
16/08 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
18/08 - Bolé @ Maré Sunday Club, Maré, Cesenatico
18/08 - Bolé @ Apericozza, Hana-Bi, Marina di Ravenna
22/08 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
27/08 - Bolé @ Sgardella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
28/08 - Bolé @ I-Circus,i-Suite Hotel, Rimini
29/08 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
30/08 - Bolé @ Cervia in Bolla, Magazzini del Sale, Cervia
05/08 - Bolé @ Scamporella, Az. Agricola Giunchi, Cesena
19/10 - Bolé @ Enologica, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna
11/11 - Bolé @ Great Western Wines Portfolio Tasting, The Assembly Rooms, Bath, UK
30/11 - Bolé @ IWA Modena Charity Gala 2019, Pagani Factory, San Cesario sul Panaro

And many more...

For an event, in distribution, for a gift or simply to get to know us and satisfy your thirst for discovery.
Every reason is good to get involved with Bolé!

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