Baby, it's cold outside...

Bolé Intergalactic Winter

Autumn is setting in, and as the leaves blush their fiery colours we are getting prepared...

Bolé lights the fire

Autumn to Winter

Autumn is setting in, and as the leaves blush their fiery colours we are getting prepared.
Rummaging through cupboards and drawers, and compiling our survival strategy for the cooler months.

Good shoes? Check.
Multiple layers of clothing? Check.
An irresistible urge for adventure? Check!

Visionaries, trend-setters, and intrepid explorers unite.
Sparkling wine isn’t just a summer fling!

It’s the treat in your backpack when you get to the top of the mountain, it’s the shining star picked up at your local enoteca after a long autumn day, it’s for the cosy gathering with your best friends at your favourite restaurant, and it’s the bottle of bubbles because… why not!

Bolé is here with you on every step of the way, from Earth to the stars.

Find us and experience the sparkle.
We will be curating special events through the season at the most sensational restaurants and wine-bars, always collaborating with the people that excite us the most!

Seasonal Treats

Events & Gatherings

Coming soon...

Little sparks to treasure forever

Archived Events

11/09 - Boléxplosion- At Salùt, Estate, Hana-bi, Marina di Ravenna
27/09 - Bolé alla Ca’ de Bè, Bertinoro
28/09 - Brigata del Diavolo, Sant’Agata Feltria
06/10 - Bolé @ Notte d’oro, Ravenna
06/10 - Bolé @ Enologica 2018, Bologna
20/10 - Bolé Flower Explosion @ Caffetteria Marini, Santarcangelo
24/10 - Bolé @ Fargo10- DIECI anni di Fargo, Ravenna
25/10 - Bolé @ Giovinbacco, Ravenna
09/11 - Bolé @ Fra Storia e Nobilità : La Brigata del Diavolo, Rocca Malatestiana, Sant'arcangelo
10/11 - Bolé @ TEDxCesena, Cesena Fiera, Cesena
16/11 - Bolé @ Vivite, Milan
30/11 - Bolé @allaMezza : Il pranzo de La Svineria, Bertinoro
30/11 - APERIBolé da Ivan @ Porta San Pietro, Forli
30/11 - Bolé @Il gran siparo : La Brigata del Diavolo, Magazzini del Sale, Cervia
01/12 - Bolé @ Biffi Emporio Dolci, Forli
16/12 - AperiBolé @ QuintoQuarto
22/12 - Bolé @ Caffetteria Marini, Santarcangelo
23/12 - Bolé @ VINILE c/o Dozza Café, Medola
23/12 - Bolé @Passatelli in Bronson, Bronson, Ravenna
11/02 - Bolé @ CesenaINbolla 2019, Teatro Verdi, Cesena

And many more...

I'm a lover of bubbles, tell me more!


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