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Blue, coral, green, and gold: this symbolism of colours is the life-force of the universe of Bolé.

Water-air-earth-fire: the four fundamental elements take shape within a vortex of colours! Colours, in fact, are the perfect medium, too, to tell the story of a fertile, generous, and warmly-welcoming corner of earth and the boundless energy of an utterly “off-the-rails” project that showcases unprecedented vision and dynamic teamwork. Pulsating like a supernova, Bolé radiates light through the darkness, on protean, ever-changing wave-lengths, making Romagna’s tiny bubbles the big star of a revolution that is at once fashionable, inclusive, and utterly fun.

Shapes, blots, lines and streaks: in the primordial chaos of creation, new worlds take shape within ancient landscapes. And so does a label, like an abstract painting, its eerily evocative images exciting the senses and the imagination. Colour itself becomes the message, turning itself into a dream, the vision of those with far-seeing, clairvoyant eyes that capture the shape of things to come.     

The dominant colour blue conjures up the possibilities of far-distant galaxies, the pure poetry of Italy’s skies, the leaping streams coursing down from the Apennines, and the Adriatic’s watery embrace. The shimmers of green are those of a sea-lapped land whose sinuous, rounded hills descend to crop-rich plains won from ancient swamps, where sweet and salty waters duet together amidst reeds and pines, lagoons and lidos, a creature of water and land with a pungent, briny scent.

Coral, blue’s complement, paints the dawn of an adventure whose hero is a Romagna bursting with the creativity, vitality, and optimism distinctive of the fearless. Streaks of gold irradiate the light that has adorned every form of beauty through the history of human culture, taking shape as luminous waves that carry messages of newness, freedom, and growth.  

Bolerama. It's Blue. It's Coral. It's Aquamarine. It's Gold.

Blue, coral, green, and gold: this symbolism of colours is the life-force of the universe of Bolé, transforming it into far more than just wine: an alternative, exuberant sparkling wine that mirrors the land that created it and embodies synergistic, magical teamwork.


In the spectrum of light, it stands between green and indigo. The hue of the sky, the sea, the infinite, and of silence, its dominion is our sense of hearing: it encourages tranquillity, generates relaxation, and drives away anxiety.

In chromotherapy, it is considered the colour of calm, meditation, serenity, and peace. It has a pacifying effect on the nervous system, on blood pressure, on the heartbeat. It shifts attention inward and induces showing down and expanding one’s awareness.

It is the colour of the air and of emptiness. It is associated with the geometric shape of the circle, symbol of the eternal motion of the spirit, which alternates between states of stasis and dynamism.

According to Jung, blue signifies height and depth. In nature, it draws our attention to elements far greater than ourselves: the sky and the sea drive to where our gaze cannot follow, to the depth of the abyss and to distant light years.

As an ancient symbol of the sky, it was considered a transcendental colour, spiritual and protecting. Symbolic of water, blue cleanses, nourishes, refreshes, purifies, and transforms substances by dissolving them.

It is the archetype of the maternal. It reminds us of our origins: we are born as water-creatures, growing within the womb in a watery solution similar to the sea.



On the spectrum of light, coral stands between red and yellow. An ancient sea colour, it is the symbol of beauty and the source of regenerating energy, complementary to turquoise.

It acts upon our vital energy, freeing us from symptoms of depression, boosting our ability to react to adversity, generating serenity. Coral represents our innate need for optimism and for happiness. It summons up dawn, growth, trust in oneself and in others.

As the energy that is just one step way from red, its source of origin, coral possesses the power of relaxing tension and of sublimating ancestral impulses into more complex and evolved expressions and desires.

As such, it represents the restrained energy of one’s internal equilibrium, the fire kept within safe bounds, such as the bonfire. It is also the colour of the full moon, of the autumn equinox, of pumpkins and of the leaves of autumn.

Extremely elegant and sophisticated, coral symbolises fertility, and artistic and sexual creativity, communicating romanticism and sensuality. It stimulates blood circulation, gives additional vitality to the male and female sexual organs, and contributes to fertility and inner harmony.




This colour stands right in the centre of the light spectrum, between blue and green. It serves as a balance between the warm and cool colours and instils harmony.

For the French, it is more blue than green (blue-vert), while the English regard it (aquamarine or aqua green) as between green and cyan.

For the Italians, it is Tiffany Green, patented by that famous jewellery company, along with Tiffany Blue; as patent no. 1837, it is the quintessence of class, elegance, and sophistication.

It is a remarkably relaxing colour, conjuring up the waters of paradise and as such infusing calm and tranquillity in its observer, with the result that our organism reacts in a positive manner.

It relaxes the muscle system, reduces stress, increases calmness, induces good humour, and boosts energy. It also increases creativity and one’s spirit of reflectivity.

Its name derives from the Latin words aqua and marinus, water and sea. It is the colour of the sea-spirits, of wood nymphs, fairies, elves, and the fates. In the past, it was considered to bring good luck.



Gold is a nuance of yellow. It is alive, radiant, close to the light of the sun, with a high thermal value.

As a symbol of beauty and wealth, gold has adorned every form of beauty in the history of human creativity. It conveys heat and energy, movement, openness and closing.

It is the colour of power as well, decorating emperors and kings, nobles, warriors, and heroes. For the ancient Greeks, it symbolised sacredness, incorruptibility, and immutability.

Chemically unchangeable, it was assigned the atomic number 79, and the symbol Au, from the Latin aurum, gold. As a transition metal, it is very malleable, with high electric conductivity and corrosion resistant, and when alloyed with other metals it becomes exceptionally hard.

It conjures up the notions of radiance, illumination, freedom, and self-development.

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